About Us


Olympus Technical Services, Inc. is an environmental remediation, emergency spill response, and environmental consulting company that has been serving the Northern Rockies since 1999. Our company is a hybrid construction/consulting firm, which offers unique advantages to clients that pure-play construction or consulting firms cannot match. Olympus’ integrated team of scientists, engineers, and field service staff and specialized, company-owned equipment give us the ability to tackle our clients’ most difficult environmental challenges and get the job done right the first time. Olympus is employee-owned and headquartered in Helena, Montana, with branch offices in Billings, Montana and Boise, Idaho.


Olympus provides environmental consulting and remediation services. We provide these services in a safe and legal manner. Olympus’ business is best served by placing its clients’ interest first. It is imperative that our client and employee relationships are based on trust; integrity is the cornerstone of our actions. Olympus recognizes that its strengths are directly related to the well-being of its employees and strives to offer a work environment characterized by challenging projects and opportunities for personal fulfillment.