Past Project: Emergency Spill Response to Tanker Rollover on I-15 Near Clancy, Montana

On January 7, 2019, with temperatures hovering around freezing, the driver of a tanker truck towing a pup trailer on Interstate 15 lost control near mile marker 185, approximately 2.5 miles north of Clancy, Montana. In the accident, the pup trailer detached from the tanker and came to a rest on its side in the northbound lane, spilling approximately 30 gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline into the median.

Olympus Technical Services responded to the incident within minutes, worked with J&D Truck Repair and Towing to transfer the contents of the pup trailer to another tanker truck and deployed sorbent booms to the spill site in the median.

After receiving permission from the responsible party’s insurance company to proceed with the cleanup, Olympus collected a soil sample for waste profile analysis and marked the area so any utilities at the site could be located. Olympus also applied for and received an encroachment permit from the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) to excavate impacted soil in the highway right-of-way.

On May 15, 2019, Olympus mobilized personnel and equipment to the site to remove the impacted soil. A field screening was conducted using a photoionization detector to determine the impacted area. Based on the presence of volatile organic compounds, an area approximately 60 feet long, six feet wide, and ranging from three to seven feet deep was excavated. 145.16 tons of petroleum-impacted soil were removed from the site and disposed of at the Lewis & Clark County Landfill in Helena, Montana. The excavation was backfilled with MDT road mix to approximate grade, shaped to promote proper drainage, and seeded.

Soil confirmation sample sets were collected from the excavation and submitted to Energy Labs in Helena, Montana for analysis. Volatile petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations were below laboratory detection limits in all samples and extractable petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations were less than risk-based screening levels set by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Following receipt of the analytical results Olympus prepared and submitted a corrective action report in accordance with DEQ guidance. Based on the report and analytical results the release was closed with no further investigation.

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Tanker truck in snow-covered grass off the highway and a tanker trailer on its side on a snow-covered highway with workers milling around

Aftermath of the accident. Fuel from the tanker trailer spilled into the median.

Trench dug in median of interstate highway

Excavation of impacted soil in the median

Digging a trench in the median of an interstate highway with a mini excavator

Midway through excavation of impacted soil

Pile of dirt next to trench in median of highway

Beginning to backfill with MDT road mix

Skid-steer moving dirt in the median of a highway

Grading and shaping the median

Bare ground covered with grass seed in the median of an interstate highway

Site graded and seeded