Past Project: Wood Treating Facility Remediation

A Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) consent order required that a former railroad tie treating plant be demolished. Olympus was contracted to characterize, stabilize and dispose of creosote work tank contents and demolish the facility. Olympus inventoried and characterized the tank residues. Each tank was accessed and the contents stabilized with kiln dust. Over 100,000 gallons of used creosote treating solution were stabilized for off-site disposal. Olympus located, characterized, and disposed of residues from former chromated zinc chloride treatment operations. The facility was demolished and the metal decontaminated so it could be recycled. Approximately 10,000 cubic yards of soil were excavated and placed in a temporary storage facility for later on-site treatment. A carbon treatment system was used to treat decontamination rinsate prior to on-site disposal.