Olympus Technical Services uses direct push drilling for most environmental and geotechnical drilling and subsurface sampling. Direct push technology pushes tools and sensors into the subsurface using a percussion hammer and vehicle weight. This method can be used to achieve sampling depths of up to 100 feet depending on soil conditions.

Why Choose Olympus Direct Push Drilling Services

Olympus owns two Geoprobe 78 Series combination drill rigs: An all-terrain 7822DT and a truck-mounted 7800. With our skilled operators at the controls, our direct push drilling services outperform other alternatives in several key areas: 

  • Our rigs generate a fraction of the drill cuttings that traditional rotary drilling rigs do. That is important because drill cuttings from soil investigations may be hazardous and proper disposal of the cuttings can be expensive.
  • Our rigs push through soil twice as fast as truck-mounted, hollow-stem auger rigs, so we can get the job done faster.
  • The size and maneuverability of our rigs make mobilization faster and more economical than traditional drilling rigs.
  • Our rigs feature an adjustable, oscillating drill mast which permits us to drill on slopes and uneven surfaces. We can even drill at an angle to get under building foundations and other surface obstacles.
  • We can drill through, and install wells in, surface pavement (both concrete and asphalt).

For drilling in crowded urban corridors or in rough, remote terrain, our compact-yet-powerful Geoprobe 7822DT offers additional advantages: 

  • It is more compact than traditional rotary drill rigs so we can work where others cannot, including indoors in shops, garages, and warehouses.
  • It is mounted on soft tracks that make accessing remote and rugged terrain a breeze while minimizing disturbance to soil and vegetation.
  • It has a rear-mounted blade that our operators can use to re-grade a site after drilling to replicate pre-existing conditions.

Available Services

  • Continuous soil sampling (dual tube or Macro-Core)
  • Discrete soil sampling
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Monitoring well installation (ASTM D 6725)
  • Soil vapor sampling device installation
  • Piezometer installation
  • Auger capabilities for small/shallow geotechnical projects in harder soils or bedrock

Ask Us About

  • In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) injections for rapid and complete destruction of contaminants in soil and groundwater
  • Detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) via a membrane interface probe (MIP)
  • Detection of hazardous non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) via laser-induced fluorescence (LIF)
  • Measurement of formation permeability via hydraulic profiling tool (HPT)
  • Groundwater grab sampling or groundwater profiling using the Screen Point 22 Groundwater Sampler
  • Well abandonment / Grout injection

Service Area

With our drilling crews based in Billings and Boise, we provide direct push drilling services throughout Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Additionally, Olympus personnel are licensed to install monitoring wells in Montana and Idaho.

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