Aquatic Invasive Species Inspections and Equipment Decontamination

We have the equipment and training to conduct inspections and decontaminations that meet regulatory requirements.

Inspection, Decontamination and Certification Services Available from Olympus

As part of our spill response activities and exercises, Olympus has been inspecting and decontaminating watercraft and equipment before (if needed) and after contact with surface water. We have the equipment and the training to conduct inspections and perform decontaminations that meet regulatory requirements and through a memorandum of understanding with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), we have the authority to certify for other companies that their equipment has been inspected and, if necessary, decontaminated.

If your company is operating watercraft or equipment in, on, or near surface water, contact us about integrating our inspection and decontamination services into your operations. Please note that regulations vary by state and there are even some differences across Montana. Please become familiar with the regulations where you will be using and transporting your watercraft and equipment. We can perform inspections and decontaminations anywhere within our service area, but our certifications are currently only recognized by Montana FWP.

AIS Decontamination, Photo #3
April 2019

The Threat Posed by Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are non-native plants, animals, or pathogens that are introduced accidentally or intentionally into bodies of water outside of their native range. They can reproduce quickly and spread rapidly because there are no natural predators or competitors to keep them in check. AIS can displace native species, clog waterways, impact irrigation and power systems, degrade ecosystems, threaten recreational fishing opportunities, and can cause wildlife and public health problems. The annual U.S. cost related to AIS is estimated to be $120 billion, with more than 100 million acres affected.

Regulations Apply to Watercraft and Equipment

To prevent the spread of AIS, there are a variety of federal, state, and local regulations that require boat and equipment inspections when crossing state lines and moving between bodies of water; however, most of the enforcement activities are centered on watercraft. Montana law also applies to equipment, which is defined in MCA 80-7-1003 as “an implement or machinery that has been wholly or partially immersed in surface waters.”

Spill response companies like Olympus Technical Services have containment booms, pumps, hoses, anchors, lines, skimmers, etc., most of which meet the definition of “equipment.” Contractors operating equipment on construction projects near surface water could also find themselves impacted by these regulations.

AIS Decontamination, Photo #1
May 2019

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“Olympus Technical Services was great to work with. They established safe perimeters for their work zone, communicated well with the city, and completed the work in a timely and efficient manner. We would highly recommend Olympus!”

Lorette Carter
City of Shelby, Montana

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“We worked with Olympus to demolish, dispose, and backfill two buildings containing hazardous materials. Olympus’ crew was receptive to our requests, adapted to changing site conditions, suggested ways to increase efficiency, and didn’t sway from their proposed cost. Together we changed the site from dilapidated hazardous buildings to a clean construction-ready property.”

Michael P. Kelly

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“We used Olympus Technical Services to do a remediation project and some extensive concrete demolition and backfill work. The work was performed flawlessly and professionally, and the field staff was great to work with. When site challenges presented themselves, Olympus was intuitive and creative in solving them. They were a great company to deal with.”

Mike Heisey
Bonner Property Development, LLC

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“Olympus Technical Services won a major demolition bid with FCEDA. The bid was fair and the work started on time and finished in advance of our deadline. It was a difficult job with several unknowns that caused delays, change orders, and equipment breakdowns. Throughout, the team from Olympus was professional, flexible, and made sound recommendations. They were great partners on a difficult project. Because of this experience, we have recommended them to many of our partners.”

Christy Cummings Dawson
Flathead County Economic Development Authority

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"Simply put, as a consultant to the retail fueling industry, Olympus Technical Services is one of the foremost authorities in terms of environmental regulations, permits, emergency response and petroleum cleanup."

Trent Biggers
Town Pump, Inc.

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“The company motto for Olympus Technical Services, Inc. should be ‘We are here to do whatever it takes to get the job done.’ The team of professional personnel at Olympus are each highly qualified, responsive, and innovative. Their problem-solving methods and can-do attitudes create results."

Catherine LeCours
Pacific West Technologies