Hazard Recognition  |  24-Hour Spill Response |  HAZWOPER Certification

Hazardous materials (hazmat) range from simple household cleaners to complex industrial chemicals. Releases of hazmat requires rapid response and assessment to limit health and environmental impacts.

Olympus applies over 30 years of spill response experience to safely assess and remediate hazardous material spills in Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, Wyoming, and surrounding states. We offer a complete range of spill response services, from initial assessment, and cleanup to site remediation, waste disposal, and regulatory closure. Olympus provides full restoration services to return your site to its pre-incident condition.

Olympus’ Helena, Billings, and Boise offices have spill response teams on 24-hour call, every day. We maintain an inventory of spill containment and cleanup supplies.

Our spill response teams are composed of Olympus’ professional and field services groups. As necessary, we mobilize heavy equipment to the scene to aid in the response and cleanup. We provide ongoing regulatory and technical assistance, ensuring compliance with applicable environmental laws. Olympus also specializes in hazmat or non-hazmat releases to water. Our fleet includes a jet boat, recovery boom, hydro-vac trailers, and storage equipment to aid in the recovery process. Our fleet of heavy equipment is ready to be mobilized 24-hours to assist in spill response. Our employees are highly trained as swiftwater spill response technicians, jet boat operators, equipment operators, and in the Incident Command System (ICS).

Olympus is experienced with a wide variety of emergency incidents that include: PCB releases, petroleum releases, hazmat releases, non-hazmat releases, drum and container spills, train derailments, highway transportation incidents, pipeline releases, and warehouse fires. These situations are often challenging and potentially dangerous due to unknown conditions, and our response personnel have the specialized knowledge, experience, and skills to assess and remediate  spills off all kinds.