Olympus Technical Services, Inc. has a contract (SPB19-0156T-OTS) with the State of Montana to provide environmental services statewide. What some may not realize is that Montana state agencies are not the only entities that can use this contract. The Montana Procurement Act permits local public procurement units to take advantage of certain existing state contracts, including this one. This is called “cooperative purchasing” or “piggybacking.”

Here are some of the local public procurement units that are eligible to utilize our contract with the State of Montana:

  • Cities and towns (including all subdivisions thereof)
  • Counties (including all subdivisions thereof)
  • Educational institutions
  • Public agencies and authorities
  • Health institutions
  • Tribal governments

These are the categories of services that Olympus can provide under this contract, along with examples of the type of work that falls under each category:

Category 1: Waste Management, Waste Disposal

Waste characterization and containerization, waste haulers, waste treatment operations, salvage operations, recyclers, waste storage or recovery facilities, solid and hazardous waste identification, sampling and evaluation, land farming, waste shipping, waste disposal, emergency response to hazardous waste and/or materials.

Category 4: Drilling

Water and monitoring well drilling, completion, and abandonment, reclamation and abandon oil and gas wells.

Category 5: Tank Management

Underground/above ground tank installation, inspection, removal, repair and maintenance.

Category 7: Data collection, verification and validation

Preparation of data management and validation plans, data verification and validation, review of data verification and validation reports; to include site location identification and field verification.

Category 8: Environmental Assessment

Environmental evaluations; historical site usage; site investigations; risk assessment and management (including human health and ecological baseline risk assessment); review of environmental permits, permit applications, MEPA/NEPA requirements, preparation of EA, EIS reports, and plans (including quality assurance project plans) and procedures.

Category 9: Inspection and Monitoring

Inspections for solid waste activities, property rights, operations and maintenance of water/wastewater treatment facilities, groundwater monitoring systems; oversight of monitoring well (water and gas/oil wells) installation, field investigations, assessed corrective measures; and technical field review of environmental monitoring systems.

Category 10: Safety/Industrial Hygienist

Identification and mitigation of hazards, emergency response plans, preparation or review of safety and health plans.

To utilize our contract with the State of Montana, you need to have a signed Cooperative Purchasing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on file with the State Procurement Bureau (SPB). If your entity is not already on the list of active cooperative purchasers, an official at your agency must approve the Cooperative Purchasing MOU and return it via email, fax, or mail to the SPB.

If you need guidance, contact the SPB at cooppurchasing@mt.gov or 406-444-2516 or give us a call.

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