Vacuum & Daylighting

Vacuum Trailer Services Include:

  • LNAPL Pumping
  • Liquid Pumping
  • Pit and Sump Cleanouts
  • On-site Site Transfer
  • Tank-to-Truck, Truck-to-Truck
  • Catch Basins, Storm Drain Systems
  • Spill Cleanup
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Industrial Plant Cleaning

Daylighter Services Include:

  • Underground Utilities Daylighting/potholing
  • Pipeline Daylighting/potholing
  • Carbon Vessel Cleaning
  • Solid Transfer
  • Jetting Industrial Drains

Olympus Technical Service’s pumping and jetting methods are ideal for industrial, commercial, and municipal sites with contamination issues involving underground tanks (USTs), leaking pipelines, and other sources of subsurface contamination. Olympus also provides tank and pipeline pumping and jetting services to industrial, commercial and municipal sites as well.