Past Project: Comet Mine in Jefferson County, Montana

Olympus completed site characterization, engineering design, repository stability monitoring, and construction management for Phase II of the Comet Mine and Millsite Reclamation Project. The Comet Mine was ranked #10 on the abandoned mine priority list for Montana. The site characterization included drilling and sampling to evaluate waste chemistry and volumes remaining after the completion of Phase I of the project. The engineering design focused primarily on tailings removal, the reconstruction of the High Ore Creek stream channel and floodplain through the Comet Mine site, the removal of the High Ore Creek riprap diversion channel, and the closure of the Phase I repository. Other ancillary tasks included the construction of floodplain diversion/dewatering channels to facilitate construction, removal, and disposal of debris, cleaning an existing sediment pond, grading several waste rock piles, backfilling an open shaft, repairing a slump area, revegetating disturbed areas, constructing fences and reclaiming access roads. Olympus provided field engineering and construction management during reclamation construction, which was successfully completed in 2001.